Your repayable balance is the amount you have purchased from a NOW Access retailer without the bonus added value.

For example, let’s say you paid $100.00 for a restaurant, which has a +25% bonus

In this example, your account balance is $125.00 and your repayable balance is $100.00. You can retrieve your $100.00 at all times, by putting it back into your wallet.

Date Paid Added Value Spent Balance Repayable Balance
Total $100.00 – $0.00 $125.00 $100.00
November 7th, 2014, 13:53 $100.00 25% – $0.00 $125.00 $100.00

If you already have spent some of your balance at the retailer, we calculate your repayable balance based upon the bonus added value corresponding to your membership. Of course, you will get back the added value on your next purchase.

Free and Unlimited cash back up to 6 months after your purchase for Access Plus members.
Unlimited cash back up to 3 months after your purchase, at $2 by transaction (for any balance of $10 +) for regular members.

Calculating the Repayable Balance Following Transactions

Using the same example : you purchased $100.00 from a NOW Access retailer, which has a +25% value. Your account balance was $125.00, and you spent $50.00 at the retailer. Your account balance is now $75.00

At this moment, your repayable balance is $60.00, which is your balance without the 25% added value. This is the amount you can put back in your wallet.

Date Paid Added Value Spend Sold Repayable balance
Total $ 100.00 25% – $ 50.00 $75.00 $ 60.00
October 21th 2014, 10:05 $ 100.00 25% – $ 50.00 $75.00 $ 60.00

The repayable balance feature does not apply to special offers or promotions
This is for promotions for which the added % is greater than yours (whatever your allocated % or membership status may be). These are final offers and no unused balance or paid amount can be put back in your wallet. The conditions for limited-time promotions are the same for the targeted gift.