To ensure that you fully benefit from the money you put in NOW Accesswhen you have a balance under $10 with a merchant for more than 60 days, we will automatically put the available money back in your wallet.

These balances are usually left there or forgotten by customers. But still, this is your money and it belongs to you.

Every month, all NOW Access members receive a statement showing their current balance with different businesses. This account statement is sent at the beginning of every month and only refers to the balance up to the preceding month’s last day.

For instance, in the first days of April, we send the account statement for March (the month that just ended). The balances found in this statement are shown as they were on Midnight, March 31st.

In this account statement, all balances of less than $10 and which have been inactive for more than 30 days are highlighted in yellow like the following.

Le Bon Resto $ 8.00

If during the 30 days following this statement, you do not carry out any transaction with these merchants, the balance will be reimbursed to your wallet automatically, and a confirmation email will be sent to you.

To help you understand, we will refer to our last example.

At the beginning of April, you receive your March 31st account statement. You notice that you have $8 left in your balance for Le Bon Resto. Hence, you have until the end of April to make a transaction, or else your refundable balance will be put back automatically in your wallet.

Furthermore, if during the month following your account statement, you put in more money in a NOW Access deal for Le Bon Resto, obviously, this will also be considered as a transaction.

For instance, if you had an $8 balance left with Le Bon Resto and added $125 sometime during the month, your balance would now be of $133 and no money would be put back in your wallet.

NOTE : lthe sum of money reimbursed to your wallet will be the same as the refundable balance, that is the money you paid, without the bonus. To better understand what we mean by refundable balance, please click the following link:

What Is the Repayable Balance?

Also, to better understand the Cash Back to your Wallet feature, please click the following link:

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