The offer reservation feature allows you to put up a sum right away for an offer you like instead of waiting for it to be online. This feature has been set up in response to the success of some very popular offers that sell out in mere seconds.

For example: a Au Bon Resto offer was put online on December 1st and is Sold out. It’s possible to reserve right now for the upcoming (therefore, available) offer for December 10th. With the offer reservation feature, on the 1st of December and always within the limit of the available sum, you can reserve a sum of $50 for Au Bon Resto.
This amount of $50 for the Au Bon Resto sum will be payable right away and you will be able to use it (when it will be in your account) on December 10th.

Some conditions apply, according to your membership status’ rules regarding offer reservation:

  • Access Plus Members: 2 free reservations each month (every month for the duration of your membership) After these 2 free reservations in the same month, you can make additional reservations for $5 each.
  • Regular members: Reservations cost $5 each.