NOW Access holds once in a while special promotions open to all and for a limited time, for selected businesses. These promotions are those with a higher % bonus than yours (whatever your % or membership status may be).

  • The % offered during a promotion does not add up to your % bonus.

For example : if a rapid sale promotion offers a 50% discount in some businesses, of course you can make a purchase but your bonus will not be added to the 50% already offered.

  • Special offers are final offers and no paid and unused sum/balance regarding these can be put back in your account.
  • 4-month warranty in case of a business closure

If a business for which you still have money in your account closes down during the 4 months following your purchase, we will put the paid sum back in your wallet, to use at your discretion for other purchases on NOW Access. However, if a business closes after the 4 months following your purchase, our warranty ceases and the sum will not be given back.

  • 4-month warranty on your % bonus for a specific promotion

To encourage you to visit the stores and restaurants for which there is an applied bonus in your account, and that you may have forgotten, a timer will be displayed in your online wallet. Your % bonus is protected for 4 months starting on the purchase date, then you will only have the paid sum and not the paid sum with bonus.